We are now accepting abstracts for workshops, oral, and poster presentations that fit within the general conference theme "Wolves Across Borders" or align with the specific themes listed below. We also strongly encourage "nontraditional " talks, e.g., multiple presenters, not research based, etc. 

Presentation Types


Submit an abstract for a 15-20 minute presentation by October 31, 2022.


The poster session will take place mid conference and drinks and appetizers will be offered!

  • Status of regional wolf populations

(management on the ground​ and in the field)

  • Wolf-human interactions and conflict

(ecology and genetics in management context)


  • National and international legislation and policy

(transboundary management/policy,

EU policy, ​NA policy)

  • Cross border management and international relations

(Reports from transboundary collaborations and projects,  challenges and solutions to cross border collaboration )


  • Fundamentals of wolf behavior

  • The wolf as a predator

  • Interspecific (intra-guild) interactions

  • Population and individual monitoring methods and techniques

  • Ecosystem interactions


Please note these themes are meant as a guide - we welcome abstracts focused on themes not listed.

We strongly encourage presentations on nontraditional topics (e.g., not solely presenting research results).