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Deadline for abstract submission was October 31, 2022

Presentation Types


Submit an abstract for a 15-20 minute presentation by October 31, 2022.


The poster session will take place mid conference and drinks and appetizers will be offered!

  • Status of regional wolf populations

(management on the ground​ and in the field)

  • Wolf-human interactions and conflict

(ecology and genetics in management context)


  • National and international legislation and policy

(transboundary management/policy,

EU policy, ​NA policy)

  • Cross border management and international relations

(Reports from transboundary collaborations and projects,  challenges and solutions to cross border collaboration )


  • Fundamentals of wolf behavior

  • The wolf as a predator

  • Interspecific (intra-guild) interactions

  • Population and individual monitoring methods and techniques

  • Ecosystem interactions


Please note these themes are meant as a guide - we welcome abstracts focused on themes not listed.

We strongly encourage presentations on nontraditional topics (e.g., not solely presenting research results). 

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