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Speed Fika

Speed fika is a fun, interactive way of connecting participants and breaking down some of the barriers between senior researchers, students, managers, and other stakeholders! Approximately 50 people (selected at random) will join for each session. Participants will then have 2 minutes to chat with the person across from them until the bell rings. Once the bell rings, people switch positions and do it again. We encourage all participants to attend.

Where - Main Building - Basement Bar

When - At Fika! See your session number for your date and time

How - Each participant will receive a number in their welcome packet (Fika Session 1 through 6). Simply show up to your assigned Speed Fika

Please collect your coffee and cake for speed fika downstairs

Around the World Sticker - Collection Game

The Around the World Sticker Collection Game is a way to encourage people from different world regions to interact and break down borders! Each participant will receive a set of stickers that represent the world region they come from. Participants will try and collect two stickers of every color (including their own) and paste them to the game card. Collect a minimum of 2 of each sticker color to enter and write your name at the top of the card. Then, submit your card by placing it in the box in the Main Congress Hall by 1800 on Wednesday to be entered into a drawing to win prizes!

Where - Everywhere!

When - Throughout the conference! Submissions must be in by Wednesday at 1800

How - Each participant will receive a set of stickers with their world region's color. Chat with participants from other world regions to collect all the necessary stickers. Submission Box will be located in the Main Congress Hall.


Poster Competition

We will be holding a Poster Competition during the Interactive Poster session, which you are all invited to participate in! You will be able to vote for the best poster in each of the four categories during the poster session, and the winners will be announced at the Banquet where they will receive prizes!

You may nominate one poster for each of the following categories:

Best Overall Student Poster   (for the best poster presented by a student)


Most Concise and Compelling   (for the least wordy and most communicative poster)


Most Interactive   (for the poster with the most engaging interface)


Best Story-Teller   (for the poster with the most absorbing poster and presenter that will keep us passionate about their research story)

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