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We are delighted to invite you to present your work or research on the Wolves Across Borders Conference in June 2025!

Submit Your Presentation Below

The conference will feature a series of parallel sessions, with presentations lasting 20 minutes. Participants can present their latest research, innovative projects, and fieldwork experiences related to wolves. We believe your expertise and insights would be a valuable addition to our program, and we would be honored to have you share your work with our audience.

This is an unique opportunity to contribute to the global understanding of wolf biology, behavior, ecology, and conservation efforts. By presenting at the Wolves Across Borders Conference, you will not only showcase your research and work but also engage with fellow experts and practicioners, fostering collaboration and inspiring future initiatives.


Wolves Across Borders 2025 aims to look at all aspects related to sustainable coexistence with the wolf in an open and objective manner.

We have 4 major themes that we follow throughout the conference and will look for in presentations. 


Please note these themes are meant as a guide -we welcome presentation focused on topics not listed.​ We strongly encourage presentations on nontraditional topics (e.g., not solely presenting research results). 

How to submit

You can submit a brief summary of your presentation (max 350 words) through the form below. You can submit an oral and/or poster presentation. Please read the themes and review process carefully. Early submission is encouraged as it helps in the efficient organization of the sessions. ​

We invite researchers, policymakers, practioners, and others to submit!

Including topics such as:

  • The multi-species perspective

  • Wolf-human interaction and conflict mitigation

  • Wolf as a predator, and predator-prey relations

  • Wolf behaviour in different landscapes (urban, agricultural, forest)

  • Natural and non-natural deaths in wolves

Including topics such as:

  • Communication, conflict management and stakeholder participation

  • Why is there so much fuzz/polarisation around wolves (and what can we do about it)

  • Ethics in science & debunking myths: what misinformation is out there and what is the truth?

  • Cultural biases to carnivores

Wolves and society

Wolves in natural and cultural landscapes

Wolves, management and innovation

Including topics such as:

  • Prevention measures and their effectiveness

  • Innovative solutions for adaptive wolf management

  • Case studies of unique behaviour or unsuccessful measures

  • Classification and documentation of (potential) conflict situations

  • Catching, sedating and collaring wolves

Wolves, management and innovation

Including topics such as:

  • Transboundary management, legislation, policy and collaborations

  • Conservation status and wolf populations through the years

  • A history of wolf legislation

  • Future scenarios and choices to be made

  • Wolf monitoring (distribution and numbers): methods, classification and data infrastructure

Wolves, legislation and policy

We look forward to your positive response and to welcoming you to the Wolves Across Borders Conference 2025.

Presentation Types

We welcome both oral and poster presentations. Select your preference in the submission form.


Submit a summary for a 15-20 minute presentation by September 15, 2024.


The poster session will take place mid conference!

Review process and conditions

  • We accept submission of oral and/or poster presentations between June 20th until September 15th 2024. Early submission is encouraged as it helps in the efficient organization of the sessions.

  • All submissions will be reviewed by our review committee and selected based mainly on:

    • Whether the topic fits any of the themes or is otherwise scientifically or practically relevant

    • Whether the topic and summary are clear, concise and comprehensible

  • We ask all accepted presenters to attend an online preparatory seminar before the conference.

  • Please be aware that submitting a presentation is separate from registering for the conference. All (potential) presenters also need to register via the registration form (will open in August).

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