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Djurönäset Conference Hotel

Nestled in the Stockholm Archipelago


Djurönäset is nestled in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago, about an hour outside of Stockholm. The conference hotel offers an intimate setting in nature, a truly Scandinavian experience. The hotel also boasts the Archipelago spa with hot infinity pool, sauna landscape, and spa treatments. All this with a view of Kanholmsfjärden's blue waves and white geese.


Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and sandals and book any spa treatments a week in advance (through the conference venue).

Djuronaset does not accept cash, so please be prepared to pay for any extras with a credit card. 


Your registration fees include a room at Djurönäset, which will be reserved upon conference registration.


See the reigistration page for more information.

If you wish to book an extra night Djurönäset either before of after the conference, please visit 

You should include the text "Wolves Across Borders" in the

comments section to ensure you keep your same room. 

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