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Skandulv is dedicated to keeping this conference as sustainable as possible. Because of this, the WAB conference may be a little different than the style you are used to. For example, we will not be passing out tote bags and other souvenirs (which, in our experience, are often unnecessary and wasteful). We will also not be providing printed versions of our conference program. Instead, all material will be in PDF format and be emailed to you prior to your arrival.

In order to help make our conference environmentally friendly, please consider:

  • If you love walking around conferences with a tote bag, again, try bringing one from a previous conference.

  • Do you really need that conference water bottle, or can you bring one from home? Also, the venue has water stations and reusable glasses posted throughout. 

  • If you want a printed copy of the conference program, go ahead and print out the PDF version we send you. Or, just read it on your computer!

  • I know, we're sad about the USB stick too, but don't you already have 12? 

  • Are you flying to the conference? Can you take alternate transportation instead? If not, why not consider donating to a Carbon offset program? 

Name tags and lanyards will be provided.

We thank you for your understanding.

Every little bit counts!

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